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Monday, November 23, 2020


By Joan Chadbourne

Our Love in All Art Thou

Joy, light and peace Thou art –
Our love in All art Thou –
Bring us all to you.
Our hearts, minds, bodies, souls
All art one in Thee!
May we dance and sing Thy Truth!
May our minds be Thine –
All encompassing, all embracing Thy Love.
May we all be singing Thy praises whole heartedly.
May we be Thy selfless loving servants – always!
Thy instruments of love and peace – unfolding Thy Truth.
Thou art in all!

The Light Shining Within

May we all be one in sincere love and caring for each other.
Love is such a healer.
It’s opening our hearts
To the light shining within us all.

Thou Fillest Us All

Thy Light is within.
Thy Light is without.
It shineth all about.
Thou fillest us all
With Thy Divine Love.
All is One and One is all.

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