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Monday, April 21, 2014

Kabir Mala (a garland of Sant Kabir's couplets)

by Moomookshoo

Sant Kabir Dasji (c. 1398/1440 - 1518 CE) is undoubtedly one of the greatest Vedantic poets of all time. There are many references to Kabir Dasji in the Gospel and the Complete Works. The following is a humble attempt to render some of Kabir Dasji's couplets into English. The original couplets are given within "/* */".  The poetic depth and the enchanting play of words of Kabir Dasji's couplets are hard to translate. These are best appreciated in his  original inimitable words.

1. /* Kabira va din yaad kar, pug oopar tal sheesh
Mirta lokme aayeke bishar gaya Jagdeesh

Kabir, remember the day of your birth,
When you came to this sorrowful earth,
Head first and feet last,
Forgetting the Lord and your past!
[cf. Gita 4.5 and 9.33]

 2. /* Raat gavaya soye ke, divas gavaya khae,
       Hira janaam amol tha kauri badle jae

The night was lost sleeping,
And the day was lost eating.
Thus, the life that could have bought the Priceless,
Was spent on  things that are worthless!
[cf. Gita  5.22 and 7.23]