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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Young-Adult Retreat at Vedanta Society of Providence

 By Aishanee Acharyya

This was my first year attending the Young Adult Retreat, and I had a really fulfilling experience. This year, the theme of the camp, or guiding question, was “Who Am I?” and I was very confused about what this meant when I first heard it. While I still can’t say I am 100% sure on the answer, since the answer is impossible to truly ‘know,’ I do feel that I have gotten a much clearer understanding of it. From books and previous lectures, I knew that there was an infinite force within us, but I didn’t understand it or know how to use that knowledge of inner divinity in my life. We learned about the balance of enthusiasm and wisdom, which I found to be very interesting, because that is so important for anything we want to pursue at this stage in our life. We may have enthusiasm, but without the wisdom we won’t be able to put our enthusiasm to proper, beneficial use. I had enthusiasm about furthering my spiritual journey, but I think the wisdom I gained from the retreat is what I will take away the most. For example, the understanding of all of us being one really makes me think about how feelings like jealousy, greed, and selfishness have no place in our lives.