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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Essay on The Real Nature of Man, Chapter 2 of Jnana Yoga by Swami Vivekananda

By Naomi Walden
Man clings to the senses, yet asks at some point; is this real?   Swami Vivekananda defines the soul, or Atman, as being beyond the bright body (the mind) that manipulates the gross body.   The Atman is infinite, omnipresent - beyond time, space and causation.  The Real Man is beyond all limitations.  The apparent man, the reflection, is limited, appearing to be bound, but is really not.  The Infinite Unit is unchangeable, this is the Real Man, the individuality that all are struggling toward.  This evolution of nature is the manifestation of the Spirit; every good thought or act is propelling man toward the realization of God and is to be asserted and manifested.   The feeling of sameness everywhere, or sympathy, is self-abnegation and needs to be done consciously. Constantly fill the brain with high thoughts, highest ideals; out of that will come great work.  Sin and misery are weakness.  Help, do not condemn the world.

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