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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Contradictions in Matter

By Charles Feldman (Prana)

There is a commonly known experiment in science, where the exact same thing can be measured at times as a wave, and at times as a particle. This is a contradiction in matter.

If you look at or touch a stone or a piece of wooden furniture, it is solid and unmoving. Yet science says it is composed of atoms that are in constant motion. This is a contradiction in matter.

Different elements are composed of merely different quantities of protons and electrons. Yet these different quantities are supposed to be what creates different qualities in nature. This would be like putting various wooden blocks of different dimensions together and getting glass. This is a contradiction in matter.

The universe is composed of innumerable atoms, each of which has the same basic structure. To believe that they were created without a designer would be a contradiction in matter. Evolution may account for more complex species, but what accounts for the repeating, basic organization in the universe?

If you go half of the distance between two points, and then half of that distance, and then half of that distance, etc., you will never reach the end. Yet we traverse distances. This is a contradiction in matter.

I think all this points to the fact that the finite world is unreal, as Hindu religion  has said for eons.

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