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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


by Candace Breen

We are all one,
Our blood runs
Together like the rivers and streams.

Although our tongues,
May differ,
We all speak
The same language of love.

Our shades of skin,
Are a tribute to
The beauty
That is God
Represented in each of us.

We are not,
Our ever-changing bodies
But spirits entwined
In harmonious dancing.

Our hearts beat
And our soul's prayers
Follow the breeze
Into the heavens above

We are brothers,
sisters, mothers,
fathers, cousins,
aunts, uncles,
and grandfathers.

Alone we are nothing.
Together we are free.
We are inseparable.
We are the Divine Love.
We are One.

1 comment:

  1. My spirit in entwined in all, entangled in harmonious dancing.
    Alone, I am pitiable, a beggar. Together we are One.
    Thanks for the reminder, Candace.