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Saturday, September 14, 2013

"I'm at a much better place now"?

by  The Father's Child

I hear myself say often, "I'm at a much better place now." Am I really at a better place? I heard a friend of mine say this the other day, and the phrase started circling in my mind. It made me wonder; if we are at a better place, how come, then, that without much change to the environment/circumstances, we still become unhappy, distressed at other times? It hit me then, no we are not in a different place; we are going around in circles around the same place as the center! The center is our object of focus, and we travel on the circumference along happiness, sorrow, despair, distress, anger, misery, and multitudes of such emotions that tire our very existence.

But Father, I really want to be at a better place...drag me out of this orbit. Drag me before I forget that am really stuck now.

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