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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Saradama, My Mother Divine

By Patricia Blake

Oh, Saradama! Today is your birthday.

Glorious, early morning sunlight, streams through the window, easily finding its way to your photo on my altar, and humbly bowing to your most holy feet.

Even the luminous sunrays cannot compare to your light.

As my eyes drink in the Darshan of your photo on the altar, an overpowering Shakti fills my entire being with love, not an ordinary love, but a love that only the Mother Divine can awaken and eternally keep ablaze, turning the dross into sacred ash.

As I silently sit by the altar, filled with your presence, my heart reminds me of all the years you guided and protected me through the ups and downs of life, sometimes holding me so tight, and sometimes letting me go, knowing, as only a mother knows, that I would find my way.

And yes, indeed you were right.

And today, this is the special day of celebrating your Blessed Life.

Thank you, dear Saradama, for lighting my lamp with your everlasting light and love.


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